Awards Have Been Won, Fame Is On It's Way. The My Brand Login Plugin!

Create a Custom Login, Register and Lost Password page with ease. Only on WordPress.

My Brand Login is a WordPress Plugin that lets you create a custom Log in, Register and Lost Password Page with ease. You don't need to know any code. Just install and it's smooth sailing...we hope..fingers crossed!

Use it Free, on any website that is powered by the WordPress CMS Platform. All we ask is you spread the word! GNU GPL 3 Software License.


Instructions on How to Use

How to use the WordPress Plugin

1. Download the zip to your hardrive.
2. Upload to your 'Plugin' Directory via On-site Uploader (zip).
3. Once Uploaded Click 'Activate Plugin'.
4. Options Page Under 'Settings' in Admin Sidebar.
5. Upload Images Using the Upload Image Button in Options.
6. Use Farbtastic Color Picker to Select HEX Values.
7. Experiment With Different CSS calls for a Unique Outcome.
8. Works with WP Version 2.9.2 - 3.2.1 (as of release).

After Activation, Your Login, Registration and Lost Password Page will be Blank. It's Up To You To Customize the Look and Feel of it!

* If Options Page is Blank, Refresh The Page.
* If Problem Persists, Re-Istall the Plugin.
* Requires Javascript to be ON in your Browser.

Examples of Custom Login's and the Options Page

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License Use

Relased Under GNU GPL 3

My Brand Login Copyright © 2009-2011
You are permitted to use this script under the conditions of the GNU GPL 3 Software License.
This script/program/software is free of charge, provided as-is, with NO warranty implied.